• TenMarks User Experience Design

    TenMarks User Experience Design

    I joined TenMarks, an education web application startup with a focus on mathematics in May 2013. TenMarks...
  • Oracle Interaction/Visual Design

    Oracle Interaction/Visual Design

    After graduating from the University of Michigan, I joined Oracle as an Interaction Design Contractor....
  • GSMA mWomen Design Challenge

    GSMA mWomen Design Challenge

    The objective of The GSMA mWomen Design Challenge was to meet the needs of resource-poor women by improving...
  • Pervasive Interaction Design

    Pervasive Interaction Design

    My team and I examined All Hands Active, a local makerspace, to identify opportunities for leveraging...
  • CHI Design Competition: StoryCubes

    CHI Design Competition: StoryCubes

    This year’s CHI Student Design Competition challenge was to design an object, interface, system,...

Hi there!

I am a UX Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am always learning and want to make a difference on the world around me.